Superfoods are well, pretty super! Here at Coldpress we are always eager to support other nutritionally dense products and jumped at the chance to team up with “Of The Earth Superfoods” for some of our fantastic new range of recipes!
Of The Earth Superfoods are a range of natural products that have been passionately created to elevate energy and enhance your well being. All their products are certified organic, and use absolutely no GM, artificial ingredients or additives.
They had to say; “Yes, ‘superfoods’ are just foods with impressively high levels of micronutrients, but we truly believe that it helps us prevents common diseases and prefer this to taking fortified tablets daily. Eating these special fruits, seeds and vegetables is a delicious way of keeping the body energised and in tip-top shape.”
Alongside Coldpress, the combination of both products has created a range of recipes brimming with nutrition and vitamins to surely make you feel pretty super!